Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Custom and Pre-filled Whitening Trays for Professional Whitening

Your smile is a major focal point on your face. Many say that a smile is the first thing they notice about someone. While having a bright, white smile is nice, our teeth do not always stay in pristine condition. This is why Dr. James M Tobin, DMD of Latrobe, PA is offering professional teeth whitening in the form of custom and pre-filled take-home trays.

Teeth can be hard to keep white, and when stains penetrate our enamel, the dentin is darkened. The dentin is the bulk of tissue that makes up the center of our teeth. When the dentin darkens, it turns the overall color of a tooth dark or yellow. The ingredients in whitening solutions break up the carbon bonds that hold in color and restore your teeth to their natural color.

Dr. Tobin creates custom take-home trays first by taking an impression of your teeth. The impression is used to create a plastic mouthpiece tray that will fit over your teeth. The whitening gel is placed into the tray and worn for a short period of time for a few days. Results depend on the current staining of your teeth and how white you would like your teeth to be.

Another option is our pre-filled stock trays. These are similar to the custom trays. You wear them for a short period of time over ten days. These take-home whitening treatments often result in smiles four to eight shades whiter. It has the comfort of at-home whitening with the professional results only your dentist can provide.

If you are covering your mouth when you smile because you are embarrassed by the shade of your teeth, it is time to do something about it and let that smile shine! Dr. James M Tobin, DMD can choose a professional whitening option that is best for you here in our Latrobe, PA dental office. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tobin by calling us at (724) 537-9870. Appointments can also be scheduled through our website,